An exceptional level of equipment sets the new Jumper apart from the crowd. It is the only vehicle of its type to offer such features as:

- a reversing radar,

- The electronic parking assistance function, which relies on four sensors built into the rear bumper, tells the driver when he is nearing an obstacle.

- A seat with adjustable cushioning for the driver (and since your driver may well be the lucky person who lifts you in and out of your wheelchair, he or she will appreciate the extra care that has gone into designing the driver's seat!)
- the Jumper also features a range of safety-related options such as traction control, a passenger airbag and side airbags.

Usually present only on high-spec saloons, this equipment gives the driver a greater feeling of being in full control of the vehicle.

A double cooling function for the cabin and the rear compartment to modulate the temperature in all conditions of use, in line with the preferences of the occupants.
The Hubmatik Swivellift-BSL provides 350kg. lifting power, enabling a roll-on/roll-off access to the Citroen Jumper van for a maximum of four wheelchairs. Because of the two barriers and the handrail the wheelchair occupant is completely safe during the hoisting procedure. The lifting platform measures a generous 1100 x 950 mm [ 43" x 37½"] which will easily accommodate even a large, powered chair.
Once the wheelchair is in position, locking devices secure it safely and seat belts for the wheelchair users are fitted within the vehicle. A safe loading speed of 10cm. per second means that even four
disabled passengers can be lifted into, or out of, the vehicle in a few minutes.
The driver needs only a clean current Full licence to drive the minivan with up to nine passenger's - no HGV or PSV licence is required.

Please read our notes on "Driving in Crete" carefully, and remember than a tall vehicle is less stable than a family car and you should reduce speed especially in windy conditions or on poor road surfaces.

Pan Cars will be pleased to provide advice on routes that offer the best chance to enjoy our island safely. Each year the number of roads that are upgraded or re-surfaced increases and with Pancar's local knowledge routes can be planned to suit your requirements.

We offer a list of hotels, apartments and villas that provide a full range of options ~ all of which have been carefully chosen to ensure that full disabled access is available.

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